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19th Century Ornamental Granite TilesFrom 1898, an album of ornamental granite tile patterns available from Threlkeld Granite Co. Ltd. The company was locatedJason

Front Lawn

I believe that 10 to 15 ft of front lawn is just perfect. It's enough space to create something beautiful that fills the whole space like this amazing garden. It's small enough for

A Sense of Place

On our last day of G-Fest, Vermont has shown us heat and humidity, placid golden sunsets (captured in the mind but not in video), and, today, rain. A most particular rain. I remember

End of the Line

Many of you have noticed our extended hiatus and have begun asking if this is the end for RocSubway. I didn't think it would be necessary to say anything about it. But for those of you who had followed this blog like religion for so long, you deserve some closure.