Johnny Perotti Brings Field of Dreams to Rochester

Johnny Perotti Brings Field of Dreams to Rochester

This article was scraped from Rochester Subway. This is a blog about Rochester history and urbanism has not been published since 2017. The current owners are now publishing link spam which made me want to preserve this history.. The original article was published September 17, 2012 and can be found here.

Johnny Perotti, winner of Pepsi's Field of Dreams contest, and his team of MLB American League Hall of Famers will take on Stephen Katchmark and the National League team for a game in Rochester, NY.

   After being selected as the American League (AL) consumer winner of the Pepsi MAX MLB Field of Dreams program, Rochester resident Johnny Perotti edged out National League (NL) consumer winner Stephen Katchmark in the hometown voting competition to officially bring the     Field of Dreams Game

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to Rochester...

This may be a brilliant marketing stunt by Pepsi Co., but Rochester stands to gain as well. The mere thought of bringing MLB Hall of Famers like Cal Ripken Jr., Yogi Berra, Johnny Bench, and Randy Johnson to Rochester for an event like this has set my #ROC Twitter feed on fire this morning. Rochesterians seem to be very excited about this game which hasn't even been scheduled yet. The news is also launching Rochester into     headlines across the country

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Earlier today I got the chance to ask our hometown winner what he thinks of all this:

RocSubway:    Who are the friends/family who will be joining you on your team?

Johnny:    The people playing will be my father John Perotti, brother Jesse, uncle Charlie Perotti, cousin John Cerame, and friend Vince Correa.

RocSubway:    How will you and your friends be celebrating this great news?

Johnny:    I don't know how we are going to celebrate yet. I still haven't taken it all in i guess. Definitely going to be practicing more

RocSubway:    You were born in East Rochester? What town/neighborhood do you live in now?

Johnny:    I was born in Rochester, moved to East Rochester in 7th grade and graduated high school there. I live in Greece currently.

RocSubway:    What do you do currently?

Johnny:    I do debt collection for Mercantile Adjustment Bureau.

RocSubway:    Any idea when the game will be? Or when tickets go on sale?

Johnny:    I dont have an exact date or stadium location yet but it should be April or May of next year. And I dont have a clue about tickets yet.

RocSubway:    Anything else you want to say to the people of Rochester?

Johnny:    I want to thnak the people who took the time to vote and to all the news channels who helped spread the word. Also all the wonderful people in East Rochester who let me hand out t-shirts and signs. And deff my family, especially my parets, for making so many phone calls and making sure everybody was voting! Also Dan Mason and all the Rochester Red Wings staff for allowing me to film and be a part of os many events this year. Jenniffer Aiezza of Pepsi Co. Rochester for making sure i had product and signs and shirts to promote our city. And Pepsi overall for giving me this opportunity.

And if anybody wants to get together and throw the ball around or hit a few,     send me a message me on facebook!

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RocSubway:    We just might take you up on that offer Johnny. Congratulations!

Chris Gemignani

Chris Gemignani

Rochester, NY, USA