Beyond the Motor City -- at the Dryden Theater, June 28

Beyond the Motor City -- at the Dryden Theater, June 28

This article was scraped from Rochester Subway. This is a blog about Rochester history and urbanism has not been published since 2017. The current owners are now publishing link spam which made me want to preserve this history.. The original article was published June 23, 2010 and can be found here.

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BLUEPRINT AMERICA: BEYOND THE MOTOR CITY is screening in a handful of cities this May and June. It will screen here in Rochester on June 28, 2010.

On     Monday June 28 at 7:00pm    you are invited to a FREE screening of PBS's eye-opening film, BLUEPRINT AMERICA: BEYOND THE MOTOR CITY. The documentary is touring cities across America to raise questions--and seek answers--about the future of transportation in America. Can we build the "infrastructure of tomorrow" today? Can the cash-strapped and car-dependent cities of the so-called Rust Belt become new models for fast, clean, public transit? The links and similarities between Rochester NY and Detroit MI are glaringly obvious--and I think you owe it to yourself to see this film.

This FREE public event will come to you 100% FREE of charge thanks to     RRCDC    ,     Reconnect Rochester    ,     Rochester Rail Transit Committee    ,     Rochester Trolley & Rail    ,     Empire State Future    ,     New York Museum of Transportation    and     PBS    . Immediately following the film a panel consisting of City planners, urban growth experts, bike & transit advocates, and concerned citizens will discuss topics including:

  • New hopes for accessible, clean, and modern mass transit in America
  • The role of cities, and consumers, in shaping the next generation of transportation systems
  • A roadmap for revitalizing the way we move through our cities and neighborhoods

This will surely be a thought-provoking FREE event and a great opportunity for you to take part in a very important FREE conversation for our community. So mark your calendar and bring some friends. Did I mention this is FREE?!

More About the Film:

The latest installment in the BLUEPRINT AMERICA initiative takes viewers on a cinematic journey in search of America's transportation future. Pictured: A view of downtown Detroit from the top of the run-down Michigan Central Train Station. (Photo Credit: Lloyd Handwerker/WNET.ORG)

BLUEPRINT AMERICA: BEYOND THE MOTOR CITY    examines how Detroit, a grim symbol of America's diminishing status in the world, may come to represent the future of transportation and progress in America. Narrated by Miles O'Brien, the film explores Detroit's historic investments in infrastructure--from early 19th- century canals to the urban freeways that gave The Motor City its name and made America's transportation system the envy of the world.

Correspondent Miles O'Brien says he's saddened every time he returns to the Motor City and sees

But over the last 30 years, much of the world has left Detroit--and America--behind, choosing faster, cleaner, more modern transportation. In a journey that takes us into the neighborhoods of Detroit and then beyond to Spain, California, and our nation's capital, BLUEPRINT AMERICA: BEYOND THE MOTOR CITY urges us to ask how we might finally push America's transportation system into the 21st century.

Using CGI animation combined with current footage of Detroit, the film brings the vision of the city's possible transportation future to life. A network of trains within the city center would run along main thoroughfares. (Photo Credit: Lloyd Handwerker and HUSH Studios, Inc.)

BLUEPRINT AMERICA: BEYOND THE MOTOR CITY is part of Blueprint America, a national, multi-platform initiative examining the state of America's transportation infrastructure. Blueprint America was created and produced by Thirteen for WNET.ORG and supported by the Rockefeller Foundation and the Surdna Foundation.

Event Info:

Time:    Monday June 28, 2010 at 7:00pm

Location:    Dryden Theater (     Map it    )

Cost: FREE - Zero - Zilch - Nada - FREE FREE FREE

Chris Gemignani

Chris Gemignani

Rochester, NY, USA