A Collection of Rochester Matchbooks for Sale

A Collection of Rochester Matchbooks for Sale

This article was scraped from Rochester Subway. This is a blog about Rochester history and urbanism has not been published since 2017. The current owners are now publishing link spam which made me want to preserve this history.. The original article was published February 06, 2014 and can be found here.

An ad for Kodacolor Film Processing inside a PG Drugstore matchbook.

   Here's a neat little collection of Rochester memorabilia. Matchbooks! Remember when you could buy cigarettes out of a vending machine like soda pop, and just about every business had it's own matchbooks? Ah, those were the days * COUGH * COUGH * WEEZE * EHK! EHK! HEM... HEEEM!

These were sent to me by a reader. He says he's not a smoker, but he's collected them since he was a kid. And now he'd like to sell them. So if you're interested in local oddities like this,     drop me an email    and we'll hook you up with one... or the entire set.

Some of the matchbooks date from the late 1950s and early 1960s. But we think most of them are 1970s & 80s. Check them out for yourself. If you've lived in Rochester for any length of time you'll probably recognize most of these businesses...

2 Vine matchbook.

   2 Vine

Aero Industries matchbook.

   Aero Industries

Amsden Mitchell Insurance matchbook.

   Amsden Mitchell Insurance

Blossom Liquor Store matchbook.

   Blossom Liquor Store

Burgundy Catering matchbook.

   Burgundy Catering

California Brew Haus matchbook.

   California Brew Haus

Caruso's Restaurant matchbook.

   Caruso's Restaurant

C.D.K. Soda Fountain matchbook.

   C.D.K. Soda Fountain

Central Trust Company match stick container.

   Central Trust Company (match stick container)

Christopher Williams Agency matchbook.

   Christopher Williams Agency

Don & Bob matchbook.

   Don & Bob

Eddie's Chop House matchbook.

   Eddie's Chop House

Edwards matchbox.

   Edwards (matchbox)

Faris Beauty Studio matchbook.

   Faris Beauty Studio

The Filling Station matchbook.

   The Filling Station

First Federal Savings & Loan matchbook.

   First Federal Savings & Loan

Flowers by Stephanie matchbook.

   Flowers by Stephanie

The Gallery Cafe matchbox.

   The Gallery Cafe (matchbox)

Gerber Rochester Federal Credit Union matchbook.

   Gerber Rochester Federal Credit Union

The Grill at Water Street matchbox.

   The Grill at Water Street (matchbox)

Hotel Cadillac matchbook.

   Hotel Cadillac featuring the Burgundy Cafe

Howe & Bassett matchbook.

   Howe & Bassett

Independent Gasoline & Oil Co. of Rochester matchbook.

   Independent Gasoline & Oil Co. of Rochester

Jay's Pastries matchbook.

   Jay's Pastries

Jen & Joe's Delicatessen matchbook.

   Jen & Joe's Delicatessen

Jim Rund's Seafood matchbook.

   Jim Rund's Seafood

Just for Laughs matchbook.

   Just for Laughs

Kodak Park Tour matchbook.

   Kodak Park Tour

Lincoln Trust Company matchbook.

   Lincoln Trust Company

Lincoln Trust Company matchbook.

   Lincoln Trust Company

Lincoln Trust Company matchbook.

   Lincoln Trust Company

Lincoln Trust Company matchbook.

   Lincoln Trust Company

Marine Midland Trust Company matchbook.

   Marine Midland Trust Company

Midtown Plaza Hotel: Top of the Plaza Restaurant matchbook.

   Midtown Plaza Hotel: Top of the Plaza Restaurant

Milestones matchbook.


Monroe County Savings Bank matchbook.

   Monroe County Savings Bank

Monroe Pharmacy matchbook.
Niagara Restaurant matchbook.

   Niagara Restaurant

Oak Hill Country Club matchbook.

   Oak Hill Country Club

Ontario Golf Club matchbook.

   Ontario Golf Club

Passport Restaurant & Lounge matchbook.

   Passport Restaurant & Lounge

PG Drug Store matchbook.

   PG Drug Store

Polish Falcons matchbook.

   Polish Falcons (this one is from 1964)

The Rio Bamba matchbox.

   The Rio Bamba (matchbox)

Rochester Asphalt Materials Inc. matchbook.

   Rochester Asphalt Materials Inc.

Rochester Savings Bank matchbook.

   Rochester Savings Bank

Rock's Barber Shop matchbook.

   Rock's Barber Shop

Security Trust Company matchbook.

   Security Trust Company

Shakey's Pizza Parlor matchbook.

   Shakey's Pizza Parlor

Sibley Tower Restaurant matchbook.

   Sibley Tower Restaurant

Simplicity Lawn and Garden Power Equipment matchbook.

   Simplicity Lawn and Garden Power Equipment

South Pacific Restaurant matchbook.

   South Pacific Restaurant

Speck's Restaurant matchbook.

   Speck's Restaurant

St. John Fisher College matchbook.

   St. John Fisher College

Steak Stockade matchbox.

   Steak Stockade (matchbox)

Strathallan matchbox.

   Strathallan (matchbox)

The Commons matchbook.

   The Commons

The Dickens matchbook.

   The Dickens

The University Club of Rochester matchbook.

   The University Club of Rochester

Vince Armand matchbook.

   Vince Armand: Land Investment Consultant

Wegmans matchbook.


Wegmans matchbook.


WK matchbook.


WRVM Radio matchbook.

   WRVM Radio    * * *

If you're interested in purchasing one or more of these, send email to      [email protected]    .

Chris Gemignani

Chris Gemignani

Rochester, NY, USA